Holistic Natural Products

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Holistic Natural Products

About Us

We are an holistic small business located in North Carolina, bringing to you holistic alternatives for the Yoni and your Spiritual Growth. Mother Earth Collection was created by Kenya Moore who began formulating products to help rid herself of Fibroids. She created a Yoni Steam with 14 herbal blends that she used every week for 2 months until she shrunk the fibroids in her womb. She isn't only the Founder of Mother Earth Collection but she's also a Valued customer.

Our Beliefs

Mother Earth is the most powerful and greatest force in the universe. When we take care of her,
She takes care of us. Herbs were created to heal and uplift the soul. By believing in the ancient healing power of herbs, we work as one with their powerful healing properties and use them to keep us balanced, healthy and elevated. That's why we named our company Mother Earth Collection, because of the natural healing herbs found in the universe.


Our mission is to bring to you an holistic approach of formulated homemade products such as Yoni Steams, Yoni Oils, Yoni Soaps, Growth Serums, Manifestation Candles, Body Butters &more that synergistically work together to provide you earth based nontoxic solutions that work like magic!


Every ingredient has been researched & intentionally chosen of the highest quality.. We partner with sustainable companies to get our materials from to create the products, package and label them.

We use personally grown & wildcrafted herbs, ensuring total freshness & love. What makes us unique, is that we are involved with the every step of the process, from growing/ sourcing herbs, to the formulations, alchemy, design, labeling etc And we wouldn't have it any other way! We spend time with all the herbs & ensure that they are exposed to the highest loving vibrations &environment to provide you with real nourishment.